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bespoke Wayfinder Systems.

Paragraph about bespoke (other) wayfinding signs.

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The Acorn Fingerposts

These popular directional signs are available in traditional, modern and classic styles. 


Fire Evacuation Signs

We provide the full service for fire evacuation plans

  • Site survey & evaluation

  • Design

  • Manufacture

  • Installation 


Plaques and Nameplates

  • Plaques and Nameplates, although usually rectangular can be made into virtually any shape.

  • Some material options are: Acrylic, Brass and Stainless steel

  • We chemically etch / engrave and vinyl plot to create Plaques and Nameplates in all shapes and sizes.

  • We also have a range of timber back panels to choose from. 


Cut Out Lettering (Interior)

Individual cut out letters and logos in a choice of materials such as stainless steel and pvc, which can be flat or 3D.

Individual letters can be done in any size. 


Manifestations & Vinyl Graphics

Manifestations are something Acorn has specialised in for many years.


They are most commonly done in frosted vinyl and may incorporate logos or dots.


We also do all types of vinyl graphics from small letterings to larger formats and images.


Building & Fascia Signs

We will survey the building, and design an in situ mock-up of the various options available

  • Individual cut out letters and logos

  • Stainless steel, aluminium, rigid PVC, can be flat or 3D

  • Vinyl graphics plotted and applied to a backing board in your corporate colours offer a more economical option.

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