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External Wayfinding Systems.

Outdoor Signs, Exterior Signs, External Signs, or whatever you prefer to call them, covers a broad range of external sign types - see below.

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The Acorn Original / Slax

This very popular modular system is extremely flexible

  • Large profile range

  • Freestanding and wall mounted options available

  • Clip to post options

  • Interchangeable and tamper deterrents available


The Acorn Outdoor Versatile

This curved profile system in aluminium offers a secure locking system making it ideal for areas where vandalism is a concern

  • Large range of profiles available

  • A complete range of signage - monoliths

  • Patented locking system

  • Easy to replace and change messages


The Acorn Premier External

This hi-end monolith using a rail system complements its matching internal system or stand alone in any external environment.

  • Hi-end rail system (Jigsaw secret fixing system)

  • Very slim - 5mm thick (wood is 4mm)

  • Painted Acrylic, Aluminium, Stainless steel, Glass or Wood

  • Door, wall mounted, suspended, projecting

  • A wide range of profiles available


The Vista Outdoor

This curved profile interchangeable system is popular throughout the country.

  • Double sided and triangular monoliths and post monolith 

  • Aluminium finish

Bespoke wayfinding systems.

Explore our range of Bespoke Wayfinding Systems

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